Our volunteers are amazing and come from every walk of life; to lend their time, talents and treasures to Nicole’s House. Sherry Barnes serves as our full time, live in house leader. Founder-Executive Director, Sandra Warmack provides admission assessment, case management, leadership and development strategies. Nicole’s House utilizes outside resources like professionals who assist with counseling, career planning, budgeting, cooking and nutrition, Bible Study, etc. Nicole’s House has a 12-member active working board of directors. Nicole’s House is always in search of volunteers to serve on our board, in house, as mentor or a sponsor. If you are interested, see the volunteer application in the Get Involved Page

Staff Profile

Sandra Warmack, Founder and Executive Director
Sandra Warmack, Nicole's House Founder and Executive Director
Sherry Barnes, House Leader
Sherry Barnes, House Leader
Nicole's House June 2019 Board
Nicole's House June 2019 Board Members