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They can be. Some judges believe we are a good alternative to additional prison or jail time. We work very well with probation offices and drug courts.

Nicole’s House does not house more than 7 women at a time. We do not accept children. However, we eventually hope to be a safe place for supervised visits.

Our program is a year-long residential program.

Our volunteer staff may include alcoholics and addicts with long term sobriety. Our Executive Director, Sandra Warmack is an experienced nonprofit director. Her daughter, Nicole, died from an accidental overdose in 2012. Sandra is an ordained licensed minister and certified as a Biblical Counselor. Nicole’s House is staffed with a full time house leader, who lives on the premises.

6 Pillars of Freedom
Know the FAQs


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Of Women Who Complete A Transitional Living Program Remain Sober and Productive. The Rest of their life.

Nicole’s House believes that assisting women to overcome their addiction will not only improve their lives, but the lives of those in the surrounding community. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs like Nicole’s House are shown to increase rates of employment, help people obtain stable living arrangements, improve mental and physical health, and enhance interpersonal relationships. The improvements to the individual, their community and society are almost too numerous to mention. 

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